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Nation Darklands
Region Sekamina
Size Large city
Population 22,320
Demographics 90% Svirfneblin, 4% dark folk, 2% mongrelman, 2% xorn, 2% other
Government Conventional
Alignment Neutral
Ruler Hetmana Council
Leader Szartik Bwevenderal

Source: Into the Darklands, pg(s). 37-39

Deep below Andoran lies one of Sekamina's best-kept secrets: the svirfneblin city of Dwimovel. Because it is so well hidden, Dwimovel is perhaps one of the safest places for uplanders in the Darklands.[1]


The svirfneblin city of Dwimovel is hidden behind a deliberately confusing maze of small, tertiary tunnels constantly patrolled by deep gnome warriors. These tunnels surround the outer habitation caverns, which are primarily occupied by the city's militia. Further toward the center of the city are the caverns of the crafters, artisans, and other professionals who attend to the settlements many needs. At the heart of Dwimovel is a large cavern containing a beautiful and delicate crystal forest. Here svirfneblin come to relax and get away from the stresses of the Darklands.[1]


Each of the caverns is ruled by an elected clan chief, or hetman, who in turn sits on the Hetmana Council, which makes most of the decisions for Dwimovel. The Hetmana Council communicates its decisions via allied earth elemental and xorn messengers.[1]

The defense of Dwimovel against its many enemies is coordinated by General Szartik Bwevenderal, who holds the position for a 20 year term.[1]

Places of Interest

A series of tunnels outside of Dwimovel are said to be haunted by ghostly, clawed arms. The truth behind these sightings in the Tunnels of Ghostly Claws, is that the arms belong to a small flock of albino ghost corbies, who have recently claimed this area. The svirfneblin have begun avoiding this area, much to the ghost corbies' frustration.[2]