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Source: Descent into Midnight, pg(s). 53

Venderlash is the only real settlement in the Land of Black Blood, one of the vaults of Orv. It is far enough away from the fearsome black blood which gives the vault its name to be able to avoid its ill effects.1


The inhabitants of Venderlash are generally outcasts. They include hryngars,2 mongrelmen and dark creepers. They survive by bat-farming, using the creatures for meat and also for leather. There is also a small group of dero alchemists. The primary ambition of most inhabitants is simply to survive.1

Foreign relations

Merchants find Venderlash unappealing, as the inhabitants are too poor to buy much in the way of trade goods. The denizens can provide some information about the rest of the vault, but are sketchy on the details – they prefer to keep well away from such dangerous areas.1


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