Crystal Womb

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The Crystal Womb is one of the vaults of Orv, and can be found in the deepest level of the Darklands. Located beneath the Mindspin Mountains of northwestern Avistan, it is south of Deep Tolguth, north of the Midnight Mountains, and to the east of Denebrum. It is a legend among the dwarves.1


The Crystal Womb is a jungle of crystals, ranging from quartz to diamonds. In some places the crystal forms shapes like trees, in others massive crystal pillars and arches reach up to the ceiling thousands of feet above. Some of the crystal glows with a strange energy, which waxes and wanes in a complex rhythm.1

The Crystal Womb

According to legend, at the heart of the vault is the Crystal Womb itself, a vortex of crystal which is forever growing, collapsing and being reborn. It is said to be a portal to the Elemental Plane of Earth.1


No one rules the Crystal Womb, but many creatures of elemental earth can be found here. Most of them are not very intelligent, but the occasional jabali2 or xorn also lives here, either as an exile from its home in the Great Beyond, or as a guardian against the greedy dwarven prospectors who can occasionally make their way down there.1


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