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Nation Zirnakaynin (colony)
Region Sekamina
Size Large city
Population 13,900
Demographics Largely drow
Government Colonial governor
Alignment Chaotic evil
Leader A first daughter of one of the great families of Zirnakaynin

Source: Into the Darklands, pg(s). 43

The drow city of Giratayn, a colony of Zirnakaynin, lies in the upper levels of the Darklands realm of Sekamina, located far below the surface nation of Druma. The city is a strong trade hub, especially in its dealings with Hagegraf.[1][2]



The city is a colony of Zirnakaynin, the largest drow settlement and the most populous city in the Darklands. The links are so strong that the leader of Giratayn is always selected from the first daughters of the great families of Zirnakaynin; and this leadership changes regularly every 50 years.[2]


Giratayn's most important trading partner is the nearby Nar-Voth city of the duergar, Hagegraf.[1] In drow circles, one of the most important marks of success for the ruling leader of Giratayn is the strength of this trading bond with the firm duergar merchants.[2]


The Jailed Emergence, a sinkhole in Druma that plummets through Nar-Voth and into Sekamina, is the nearest exit to the surface from Giratayn. Above ground, the Jailed Emergence is ringed with stone towers oriented toward defending the surface from subterranean interlopers, and Prophets of Kalistrade fund protective walls that also mask their far quieter slave trade with Darklands drow.[3]


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