Sicva's Fist

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Sicva's Fist is one of the watch posts established by the Azlanti to watch over the serpentfolk for any signs of resurgence after their defeat and retreat into the Darklands. It is located in Sekamina, beneath Varisia, near Sverenagati, and originally also served as a monastery for monk followers of Myr, who later converted to the worship of Sicva due to the serpentfolk's psychic residue. The monastery itself was barely affected by Earthfall, but the regular shipments from Azlant were, and after a few years they died out. For millennia afterwards, Sicva's Fist was untouched and never looted until the arrival of Jastal Thar, a drow warlord exiled after a failed power play. Enraptured by Sicva's teachings, Jastal and his followers swiftly converted, and now they intensely train to prepare for their revenge.1


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