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Small city
Mostly drow and driders
Source: Into the Darklands, pg(s). 43

Umberweb is a drow city of Sekamina far beneath the surface nation of Varisia.1 It is considered an outlying settlement, with native drow displaying slight differences in dress, accent, or mannerism compared to the inhabitants of the capital of Zirnakaynin.2 Of all the dark elven cities, Umberweb has the largest population of driders. Only here does one find sizeable populations of the much rarer female driders living in close proximity to full-blooded drow.3


Ages ago, the demon lord Yamasoth kidnapped drow from Umberweb and took them back to his lair in the cavern of Gongorina beneath Hollow Mountain. There he used them in his fleshwarping experiments, and although the demon returned to the Abyss long ago, his creations still live on.45

Outpost of High Ilvarandin

The intellect devourers of High Ilvarandin are said to maintain a secret outpost in Umberweb. It serves as a base for local operations in that part of Sekamina, and as a waypoint as they travel between Orv and the surface.6


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