Pallid Pits

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The Pallid Pits are a series of mostly vertical tunnels located beneath the Barrier Wall mountains of southern Thuvia that link the Darklands level of Nar-Voth with Sekamina below.12


The floor of the pits is covered in countless bones, the result of the activities of the morlock tribes that live in this region. Over the past few decades they have begun to worship Szuriel, the Rider of War. There are rumours amongst the ghouls of neighbouring Nemret Noktoria that a daemon has recently taken up residence in the Pits—possibly seeking to organise the morlocks into an army.1

Relations with Mongrelmen

The mongrelmen of Gakenbode live close to where the Pallid Pits emerge into Nar-Voth, and have suffered from morlock raids. Today there is a truce of sorts that is likely to continue only for as long as the mongrelmen keep up their practice of sacrificing visitors to their city by hurling them into the Pits.3