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A neothelid of Denebrum.

Denebrum is one of the Vaults of Orv—the deepest layer of the Darklands—hidden under northwestern Avistan: Varisia. It is bordered by Deep Tolguth to the east, Ilvarandin to the south, and the Sightless Sea to the west.12 It is the home of a race of truly ancient, gigantic worm-like creatures known as neothelids.34


Denebrum is shaped roughly like a crescent and stretches for nearly a thousand miles from below Kalsgard to the Varisian Gulf and the northeast coast of Conqueror's Bay.2

Denebrum consists of swamps and forests of fungi, growing out of mud and stagnant water. Each neothelid lives alone from its fellows in a towering, twisted spire of stone and resin known as a hive; each is served by fanatical seugathi minions.3


Denebrum is dominated by the neothelids, an ancient race that once fought the Vault Keepers and alghollthus for control of the Darklands, but now seem to be in decline. Neothelids can be found elsewhere in the Darklands, but the vast majority of them live here.3

At one time, the expansionist intellect devourers of Ilvarandin sought to extend their territory into Denebrum. The neothelids drove them out and, 500 years ago, decided to counter-attack. There are now seugathi forces camped in northern Ilvarandin, and it is not clear whether the intellect devourers will be able to defeat them.5


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