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Nation Darklands
Region Nar-Voth
Size Small town
Population 1,040
Demographics 100% mongrelmen
Government Autocracy
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler Father Scatterface

Source: Into the Darklands, pg(s). 27-28

The mongrelman community of Gakenbode is located in a crescent-shaped cavern beneath the Barrier Wall mountains of southern Thuvia. It is so isolated from the other population centers of Nar-Voth that most dero or duergar have not even heard of it. Amongst the mongrelmen, it has a reputation for being a sort of utopia where they can live in peace.[1]


Gakenbode consists of numerous cabins built from mushrooms and the occasional stone structure on the outer edges of the cavern. A plentiful supply fresh water is available from the Ochreflow river. The settlement's isolation means that there is no threat from the other intelligent denizens of Nar-Voth, but there are occasional attacks by predators such as giant vermin. The worst threat, however, is posed by the morlocks of Sekamina's Pallid Pits. There are a number of routes allowing the morlocks access to Gakenbode, and attempts by the mongrelmen to block them have met with vicious reprisals. Now, the mongrelmen merely mark the tunnels with warning signs, and new visitors to the city are often sacrificed to the pits in the hope of preventing future morlock raids.[2]


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