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Gongorina is an immense cavern located 8,000 thousand feet beneath Hollow Mountain.1


Gongorina is located in the layer of Sekamina near the border with Orv, and is connected to the Hollow Mountain above it but not to rest of the Darklands. The whole cavern glows green, due to the presence of many glowing stalactites. Its southern end is a jagged stony beach, on the shore of a still underground sea. In the southwest, the cavern floor rises, and some metallic ores unknown on the surface can be found here. Grey mushrooms sprout in the northwest corner. In the south, Gongorina is connected to the Snarl, a twisting maze of tunnels, and in the north lie the glowing Glitterstone Spires.1


In the Age of Legend, the fleshwarping laboratory known as the Castle of Night was built in Gongorina by the qlippoth lord Yamasoth, who took test subjects from nearby Darklands settlements and the city of Xin-Bakrakhan at the base of Hollow Mountain. It was the namesake of the qlippoth species known as gongorinans. Yamasoth no longer comes to Gongorina, but many gongorinans, stranded demons, and experiments continue to reside here. Some of Yamasoth's followers regard Gongorina as an unholy site, but few return from pilgrimages to it; the few survivors occasionally whisper:12

Gongorina stirs.

It is said that in the dungeons and passages that continue deeper underground from the Castle of Night lies Yamasoth's only weakness.1


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