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Far Parathra

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Far Parathra
Nation Darklands
Region Sekamina
Size Small city
Population 7,040
Demographics Largely drow
Alignment Chaotic evil

Source: Into the Darklands, pg(s). 43

Far Parathra is a drow settlement in the far-northern reaches of the Darklands region of Sekamina, far below the western plains of the Worldwound. It is considered bizarre and decadent even by dark elf standards, with weeks-long orgies and darker debaucheries a regular occurrence there.[1][2]


A fleshwarper named Giobsod of the Fumes living in Far Parathra has recently claimed that he was able to create a many-legged burrowing fleshwarp from dwarven stock. This report has been generally ignored by the other drow, as the dark elves have been trying to fleshwarp dwarves for millennia with no satisfactory results.[3]