Garden of Nyl

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The Garden of Nyl is an enormous cavern located below the island of Jalmeray in the Darklands realm of Sekamina. Flowing with clear streams and covered in every sort of mushroom and fungus, it is thought of by the people of the island nation as some kind of earthly paradise, but the truth is far stranger.1


Although the Garden of Nyl is located directly beneath the island nation of Jalmeray, there are actually no direct connections to it nearby from the surface.1 The closest entrance to Sekamina from the above layer of Nar-Voth is hundreds of miles to the northwest in the dreaded ghoul city of Nemret Noktoria.23 A fungus-encrusted sheer drop into Orv can also be found within the Palace of the Pit.1

The Garden of Nyl is served by fresh water from crystal springs that serves to water a huge forest of exotic fungi and lichen.1


Located within the fungi forest is the mostly abandoned Palace of the Pit, a structure built long-ago by jabali4 genies. The only inhabitants now are mindless fungoids, sentient flying snakes, and the fungal seductress called Silent Kessa who uses a magical portal to bring men here from dozens of different surface cities.1


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