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Minos-Pashat is one of the Vaults of Orv, the deepest layer of the Darklands. It is a remote Vault located south of the Black Desert.[1]

The ceilings are unusually low in this Vault, never rising more than 40 feet from the ground. It often resembles a maze, with pillars, stalactites, stalagmites, fissures, and rock walls making passage difficult. In other parts, there are wide-open spaces, the comparatively close ceiling having no obvious means of support.

At the centre of the Vault is a huge pillar of stone 1,000 feet in diameter. There is a massive adamantine-banded door in the western side of the pillar, large enough for two elephants to enter side-by-side. The urdefhan believe that their race was born behind this door, created in a grand daemonic experiment. As a result, Minos-Pashat is one of their most sacred places.[2][3]


The urdefhan do not live in their sacred Vault. Instead, priests and elders come here on pilgrimages and pray before the sacred door. Some are said to receive visions; others mysteriously disappear, leaving behind their belongings in a pile to the side of the door.

Half-fiends and their daemon masters lair in some of the more easily fortified sections of the Vault. There are also oozes, giant vermin, and cave raptors.[2]


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