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Hannah Böving

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Hannah Böving

Bochum, Germany
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Hannah Böving is an illustrator whose works have been published by Paizo Inc. and other publishers in the fantasy and historical fiction genres.

Pathfinder credits

Art credits

Title Date Notes
Beyond Azlant Ridge 1607 July 2016 PFS 1e #07-27
Ageless Ambitions 1607 July 2016 PFS 1e #07-28
Serpents Fall 1607 July 2016 PFS 1e #07-29
To Seal the Shadow 1702 February 2017 PFS 1e #08-14 cover and interior art
Traps & Treasures Pawn Collection 1712 December 2017
Clash in Kaimuko Wood 1804 April 2018 PFS 1e #09-19
Betrayal in the Bones 1807 July 2018 PFS 1e #09-25
Dungeon Decor Pawn Collection 1808 August 2018
Corpses in Kalsgard 1904 April 2019 PFS 1e #10-19
Enemy Encounters Pawn Collection 1906 June 2019
Mistress of the Maze 2005 May 2020 PFS 2e #01-21
Catastrophe's Spark 2009 September 2020 PFS 2e #02-03
In Burning Dawn 2012 December 2020 PFS 2e #02-10 Cover (foreground) and interior art
In Glorious Battle 2306 June 2023 PFS 2e #4-15
See also: Category:Artwork by Hannah Böving


See also: Category:Artwork by Hannah Böving

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