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Drew Pocza

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Drew Pocza

United States
Art Director (2007–2009)
Freelance (2009–)
Paizo Inc. (former)

Drew Pocza is a freelance artist who has contributed to Paizo Inc. Pocza served initially as a graphic designer and then an art director for Dungeon magazine until the close of the magazines, then served as the art director for the early years of the GameMastery line. After leaving Paizo, Pocza continued contributing freelance work.

Pathfinder credits

Art credits

Title Date Notes
Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale 0708 August 2007
Seven Swords of Sin 0708 August 2007
Gallery of Evil 0709 September 2007
Entombed with the Pharaohs 0710 October 2007
Into the Haunted Forest 0711 November 2007
Carnival of Tears 0711 November 2007
Guardians of Dragonfall 0712 December 2007
Hangman's Noose 0801 January 2008
Crucible of Chaos 0802 February 2008
Demon Within, TheThe Demon Within 0804 April 2008
Flight of the Red Raven 0805 May 2008
Revenge of the Kobold King 0806 June 2008
Tower of the Last Baron 0806 June 2008
Campaign Setting 0808 August 2008
Treasure of Chimera Cove 0810 October 2008
Blood of Dragonscar 0903 March 2009
Legacy of Fire Player's Guide 0904 April 2009 Cartography
Bestiary 0910 October 2009
GameMastery Guide 1006 June 2010
Bestiary 2 1012 December 2010
Inner Sea World Guide, TheThe Inner Sea World Guide 1103 March 2011
Ultimate Magic 1104 April 2011
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