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Géraud Soulié

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Géraud Soulié


Géraud Soulié is a freelance artist who has contributed to Paizo Inc.

Pathfinder credits

Art credits

Title Date Notes
Advanced Class Guide 1408 August 2014
Ranged Tactics Toolbox 1411 November 2014 Cover art
Inner Sea Pawn Box 1501 January 2015
Pathfinder Unchained 1504 April 2015
Inner Sea Races 1509 September 2015
Ironfang Invasion Player's Guide 1703 March 2017
Adventurer's Guide 1705 May 2017
Siege of Stone 1705 May 2017 Ironfang Invasion #4
Ironfang Invasion Pawn Collection 1711 November 2017
Tower of the Drowned Dead 1712 December 2017 Ruins of Azlant #5
Ruins of Azlant Adventure Path Pawn Collection 1805 May 2018
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