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Wilmar Ballespí Escarp

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Wilmar Ballespí Escarp

Freelance artist
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Wilmar Ballespí Escarp is a freelance artist who has contributed to Paizo Inc.

Pathfinder credits

Art credits

Title Date Notes
Broken Tusk Moon 2201 January 2022 Quest for the Frozen Flame #1
Lost Mammoth Valley 2202 February 2022 Quest for the Frozen Flame #2
Book of the Dead 2204 April 2022
Shadows at Sundown 2205 May 2022
Smoking Gun, TheThe Smoking Gun 2206 June 2022 Outlaws of Alkenstar #3
Graveclaw 2208 August 2022 Blood Lords #2
Field of Maidens 2209 September 2022 Blood Lords #3
Impossible Lands 2211 November 2022
Taste of Ashes, AA Taste of Ashes 2211 November 2022 Blood Lords #5
Ghost King's Rage 2212 December 2022 Blood Lords #6
Stolen Fate Player's Guide 2304 April 2023
Choosing, TheThe Choosing 2304 April 2023 Stolen Fate #1
Rage of Elements 2308 August 2023
Cult of the Cave Worm 2308 August 2023 Sky King's Tomb #2
Summer That Never Was, TheThe Summer That Never Was 2310 October 2023 Season of Ghosts #1
Let the Leaves Fall 2311 November 2023 Season of Ghosts #2
No Breath to Cry 2312 December 2023 Season of Ghosts #3
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