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Bruno Cesar

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Bruno Cesar

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Bruno Cesar is a freelance artist who has contributed to Paizo Inc.

Pathfinder credits

Art credits

Title Date Notes
Devil-Wrought Disappearance, TheThe Devil-Wrought Disappearance 2110 October 2021 PFS 2e #03-04 cover (foreground) and interior art
Blackwood Lost, TheThe Blackwood Lost 2308 August 2023 PFS 2e #05-02
Protecting the Firelight 2312 December 2023 PFS 2e #05-08
Witch Queen's Dollhouse, TheThe Winter Queen's Dollhouse 2312 December 2023 PFS 2e Quest #16 cover art (foreground)
Mischief in the Maze 2403 March 2024 PFS 2e PFS #05-12 cover art (foreground)
Thick as Thieves 2403 March 2024 PFS 2e PFS #05-13 cover art (foreground)
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