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Jeremy Saliba

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Jeremy Saliba

United States

Jeremy Saliba is a freelance artist who has contributed to Paizo Inc.

Pathfinder credits

Art credits

Title Date Notes
Hollow Mountain 3 1601 January 2016 Cover art (subscription)
Hollow Mountain 4 1602 February 2016 Cover art
Hollow Mountain 5 1604 April 2016 Cover art (Paizo excluisve)
Hollow Mountain 6 1604 April 2016 Cover art (Paizo exclusive)
Wrathworks' Churning Heart 1606 June 2016 PACGS #02-04
Bastion of the Waking Rune 1608 August 2016 PACGS #02-05
Shattered Blades of Alaznist, TheThe Shattered Blades of Alaznist 1608 August 2016 PACGS #02-06
Hollow Mountain 1609 September 2016
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