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Emanuele Desiati

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Emanuele Desiati

Freelance artist

Emanuele Desiati is a freelance artist who has contributed to Paizo Inc.

Pathfinder credits

Art credits

Title Date Notes
Faiths of Golarion 1812 December 2018
Origin of the Open Road 1908 August 2019 PFS 2e #01-00 convention special
Monsters of Myth 2112 December 2021
Night of the Gray Death 2110 October 2021
Broken Tusk Moon 2201 January 2022 Quest for the Frozen Flame #1
Shadows of the Ancients 2203 March 2022 Strength of Thousands #6
Abomination Vaults 2205 May 2022
Ghouls Hunger, TheThe Ghouls Hunger 2210 October 2022 Blood Lords #4
Crown of the Kobold King 2210 October 2022
Impossible Lands 2211 November 2022
Treasure Vault 2302 February 2023
Dreamers of the Nameless Spires 2303 March 2023 Gatewalkers #3
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