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Rakshasa-spawn (beastbrood)

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Source: Blood of Fiends, pg(s). 23

Rakshasa-spawn, also called beastbrood,1 are cambions descended from rakshasas.2


Unlike most other cambion heritages, beastbrood mutations tend not to have a negative impact on their appearance. Rakshasa-spawn often do not develop their cambion traits until adolescence, and even then their traits tend to enhance their appearance. Their traits are normally bestial, such as small fangs, predatory slit eyes, or fur, adding a degree of animalistic glamour to their appearance.2


Beastbrood are driven by a taste for luxury and decadence, and an impenetrable confidence that they absolutely deserve it. For most beastbrood, any level of luxury less than that of royalty is a grave affront to their sense of self-worth. Perversely, despite this incredible arrogance and an aristocratic air of self-importance, rakshasa-spawn are gifted with such charisma that others often indulge this lust for luxury and grant the cambion unearned deference and status.2

On Golarion

Rakshasa-spawn are the most common cambion heritage in Vudra, where rakshasas are also much more common than in the Inner Sea region. However, most beastbrood born in Vudra escape as soon as possible. Because of the prevalence of rakshasas, the Vudrani are very aware of the telltale signs of rakshasa taint, and such creatures are prevented from gaining any kind of power due to how absolutely they abuse it. As such, most beastbrood have an easier time achieving the wealth and luxury they crave outside of Vudra's borders.2


  1. Rakshasa-spawn and beastbrood are used for both singular and plural.
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