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Velstrac-spawn (shackleborn)

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Source: Blood of Fiends, pg(s). 22

Shackleborn, also called velstrac-spawn or kyton-spawn, are cambions descended from velstracs.1


Most of a shackleborn's flesh is usually scarred by the time they are born, and many add to those mutilations over time. This pattern of scars does not immediately out a shackleborn as a cambion, and often only the most worldly travellers can guess at the heritage hinted at by their scarred visage. Many velstrac-spawn are drawn to piercings, scarification, branding, and tattoos.1


As descendants of velstracs, shackleborn share their progenitors' cruelty and affinity for pain, both their own and inflicting it upon others. They also share velstracs' aptitude with torture instruments and chains. Many see pain and agony as the ultimate state of all living beings and happily devote their lives to both inflicting and submitting to such pain.1

On Golarion

Shackleborn are most common in Cheliax and Nidal, and are also rumored to serve as — or are bred to be — torturers in Razmiran.1


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