Temple of the Ravenous Moon

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The Temple of the Ravenous Moon, originally just called the Temple of the Moon,[1] is in the Terwa Uplands, in an area considered to lie within the Shackles. It is an ancient ziggurat constructed of a red-veined white stone.[2]

It gets its name from the carvings on its walls, which show scenes of mass sacrifices under a grinning, befanged moon. The savage kuru tribes which live in the region avoid the temple.

The Hurricane King, leader of the Shackles Pirates, has sent two missions to investigate the temple, but neither of them returned.[3] It is rumoured that the Pathfinder Society may be preparing to send its own expedition from Nantambu;[4] plus Hemdak Wavebaiter has called for adventurers to explore the temple in an attempt to garner himself favour with the Hurricane King.[5]


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