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A locathah ranger.
Type Humanoid
CR ½
Environment Temperate or warm aquatic
Images of locathahs

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 179

A locathah is a fish-like bipedal humanoid. They have large eyes, ochre scales, and fins. They give of a fishy smell that many land dwellers find unpleasant. An average specimen stands as tall as a human and weighs 160 pounds. They move very slowly on land, but are swift and accomplished swimmers.[1]

Habitat and society

Locathahs view community as very important, and go to great lengths not to abandon their fellows. They live a simple lifestyle, making crude tools out of stone, coral and bone. They try to trade their knowledge of the local sea conditions with surface dwellers in return for ceramic and metal items.

They eat mainly undersea plants and shellfish, supplementing this with occasional fish. They also enjoy eating tubers, when they can obtain them.

Each tribe is led by a matriarch, who also serves as the main egg layer. Every adult then raises one of the young as their own. They often tame moray eels, and warriors may use giant eels as mounts. They speak Aquan.[1]

On Golarion

There are communities of locathahs in the Shackles.[2] They can also be found in the Tian Xia nation of Kwanlai.[3] Locathahs are the primary residents and rulers of the nation of Xidao.[4]