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December 26 - Thassilon


The ancient empire of Thassilon occupied most of western Avistan for over a millennium. While its power was great, struggles for control within the nation itself tore Thassilon apart. All that now remains are mysterious ruined monoliths scattered throughout the landscape of Varisia. read more

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December 19 - Ustalav

Ustalav symbol.jpg

The Immortal Principality of Ustalav is a fog-shrouded realm of countless horrors, and a once-proud realm that was shattered by the clawed hands of the Whispering Tyrant. In recent years, the country has once again been fractured by two civil wars which overthrew the governments of three of the western counties, and resulted in a fight for royal succession after the last prince left no clear heir to his throne read more

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December 12 - Waydon Endrin

Sable Company.jpg

Waydon Endrin remains one of the most popular historical figures in the Varisian city of Korvosa. Originally a marine sergeant in Admiral Kiameleu's failed expedition, he was promoted by Field Marshal Korvosa, put in charge of the defense of Fort Korvosa, and eventually went on to found the famed Sable Company marines. read more

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December 5 - Ghlaunder

Ghlaunder holy symbol.jpg

Ghlaunder, demigod of parasites and disease, is an enemy of Desna, accidentally released by her from his cocoon on the Ethereal Plane. Who placed him there is unknown. Some speculate that he was grown in the corpse of a slain god, while others believe him to be the corrupted scion of another evil deity. read more

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November 28 - Army of Exploration

Taldor symbol.jpg

Throughout its early history, the Empire of Taldor repeatedly launched expansionist military campaigns designed to increase its territory and wealth. These Armies of Exploration met with variable success, but at its height, Taldor controlled territories now belonging to Galt, Andoran, Isger, Molthune, Nirmathas, Lastwall, and Cheliax. Not only did these colonies bring the empire untold wealth, but they spread Taldan culture and the Taldane language throughout the Inner Sea region. read more

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November 21 - Archon

Lantern archon.jpg

Archons are a race of celestials embodying fundamental goodness and law natives of Heaven. Archons were once mortal souls and form the mainstay of Heaven's eternal war against the forces of the Abyss, Abaddon, and Hell. They are also protectors of the good and innocent. read more

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November 14 - Intellect devourer

Intellect devourer.jpg

Intellect devourers appear like large humanoid brains that have sprouted hideous reptilian legs from the depths of their soft bodies. Psychic body snatchers to whom no experience is too extreme and no flesh is sacred, they are one of the strangest, most mysterious races of the Darklands. read more

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November 7 - Akata


The akata are terrifying, animalistic predators from the Dark Tapestry beyond Golarion's solar system. More terrifying than these predators' hunger is their horrific manner of reproduction, which could only come from a creature born far from the light of any sun. read more

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October 31 - Garundi


The Garundi people are the most numerous inhabitants of the continent of Garund but have spread throughout most of the known world. Garundi organise themselves into clans of around twenty families. Within these clans there is a strict hierarchy which is hard to decipher for outsiders as they are not a part of it. There is also a hierarchy between clans and customs that dictate their interaction. read more

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October 24 - Oni

Fire yai.jpg

Oni are a race of evil outsiders. Unlike demons and devils, oni are native to the Material Plane, not the Outer Sphere. Oni clothe themselves in humanoid flesh, taking on the aspect of various mortal races, though all oni share the common traits of regeneration and shapeshifting. The most common type of oni is the ogre mage, but many others exist as well. read more

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October 17 - Devilfish

Devilfish attack.jpg

Devilfish are cunning and intelligent predators, solitary hunters that rightfully possesses a fearful reputation in the minds of those who ply Golarion's waterways. Surrounded by tales both factual and mythical in origin, these hateful creatures appear only when they feel the urge to kill and feed. read more

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October 10 - Sphinx Head

Osirion, Land of Pharaohs (clean).jpg

The Sphinx Head or Black Sphinx is the largest sphinx statue in Osirion, located in the desert between Shiman-Sekh and the Junira River. It is constructed from black granite, and has sunk up to its chin in the desert sands. Its features are believed to be those of the Sky Pharaoh, Menedes I, staring into the center of Osirion. read more

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October 3 - Roots and Remedies

Laurel face card.jpg

Roots and Remedies can be found in the town of Falcon's Hollow, a short distance north of the settlement's Low Market. The shop is owned and operated by the local healer Laurel, who receives much business from the citizens of the community as they trust her and her remedies more than those of the cleric Lady Cirthana. read more

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September 26 - Two Pieces of Tarnished Silver

Two Pieces of Tarnished Silver.jpg

Roguish swordsman Korm and his cyclops companion Aebos are no strangers to death, yet neither would have expected that starvation on the high seas would be the foe to eventually lay them low. When a beautiful spellcaster in a magical ship arrives just in time to save them from being roasted alive by mutinous sailors, it seems like their luck may finally be turning around--yet are they jumping from the frying pan into the fire? For there's more to both woman and ship than meets the eye, and in exchange for their salvation, the pair may be forced to use both wits and steel against an enemy of ancient legend, to whom time is no barrier... read more

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September 19 - Realm of the Mammoth Lords

Realm of the Mammoth Lords symbol.jpg

The Realm of the Mammoth Lords sits in the far north of Avistan wedged against the vast, icy nothingness of the Crown of the World. It is a timeless place that flows with the rhythms of nature and the dictates of the seasons, and as such does not measure its history in the same way as civilized folk who obsess over dates and years. read more

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September 12 - Shining Crusade

Lastwall symbol.jpg

The Shining Crusade was a decades-long war fought by the Taldoran Empire, the dwarves of the Kingdom of Kraggodan, and the Knights of Ozem against the forces of the Whispering Tyrant of Ustalav. It began in 3754 AR and ended with the Tyrant's defeat and imprisonment in 3827 AR and the founding of the country of Lastwall the following year. read more

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September 5 - Thuvia

Thuvia symbol.jpg

Situated on the southern edge of the Inner Sea, between ancient Osirion and godless Rahadoum, Thuvia is a land focused almost entirely on the export of a single product. For over three thousand years it has been the sole manufacturer of sun orchid elixir, an alchemical brew which, if taken regularly, will stop the aging process. read more

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August 29 - Diseases of Golarion

Dance of the dead.jpg

Diseases are a common feature of everyday life on Golarion. They range from innocuous colds and fevers to virulent outbreaks that can kill in a single day. Diseases are most common in poor areas with high population densities, where lack of good sanitation, poor ventilation, bad nutrition, and access to effective healing are endemic. read more

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August 22 - Darklands

Darklands symbol.jpg

The Darklands are an immense series of caverns, vaults, and passages under the surface of Golarion. While entrances to the Darklands can be found throughout the world, it is not common for travellers to venture into the almost universally unsafe depths, making the subterranean realm almost a world unto itself. read more

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August 15 - Knights of Ozem

Iomedae holy symbol.jpg

The Knights of Ozem are a military order dedicated to the goddess Iomedae, based in Lastwall's capital of Vigil. They first rose to prominence when they helped to defeat the Whispering Tyrant during the Shining Crusade in the 39th century AR. read more

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August 8 - Katapesh

Katapesh gate.jpg

South of most civilized lands, sprawling across a valley of blazing-hot sand, is one of the most incredible and wondrous cities in all of Golarion: the great desert metropolis of Katapesh. Katapesh is a city of organized chaos where cash is king and commerce is the highest god. read more

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August 1 - Sivanah

Sivanah holy symbol.jpg

Sivanah is the patron goddess of illusion magics. She is also known as the "Seventh Veil", a name taken from the clothing she is most-often depicted wearing. Her symbol is a circle made of six dull-colored veils tied end-to-end. read more

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July 25 - Escadar

Escadar map.png

Originally founded on the site of old Azlanti ruins as a shipyard and warehouse to aid Absalom against naval blockades, Escadar quickly grew as workers and naval officers moved there. The town is located on the Isle of Erran off the north coast of the Isle of Kortos and houses a city-sized military outpost, acting as one of Absalom's primary bases of naval operations and housing most of its military ships. read more

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July 18 - ENnie Awards


Voting for this year's ENnie Awards is now open. Once again, Paizo Publishing and Pathfinder are well represented amongst the nominees. Voting closes on July 24th, so make sure you stop by and cast your vote for all of your favourite products. read more

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July 11 - Advanced Player's Guide

Advanced Player's Guide.jpg

Given that the Advanced Player's Guide playtest documents won the ENnie award for Best Free Product in 2010, it's no surprise that final product has been nominated this year for Best Supplement. With six new base classes, tons of new feats and spells, along with the introduction of variant class abilities, the APG is a fan favourite. Voting for this year's awards opens Friday, July 15, so make sure that you vote for this, and all of your other favourite products. read more

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July 4 - Denizen of Leng

Denizen of Leng grayscale by theEldritchMrShiny.png

Denizens of Leng are residents of the mysterious and alien Plateau of Leng which lies just beyond the borders of the material plane. While they have a generally human shape on close examination it is clear that they are far from human. It is not known whether the Denizens of Leng were originally a race from the material plane, or if they were always an entirely alien race. read more

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June 27 - Golarion

Golarion world map.jpg

Golarion orbits a yellow sun in the far reaches of the Material Plane. Third in orbit, this blue planet contains vast oceans and lush green lands, the perfect environment for countless cultures to thrive. Its nearest neighbors, Castrovel the Green World and Akiton the Red Planet, (second and fourth from the sun, respectively) fill Golarion's night sky along with its crater-scarred moon. read more

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June 20 - Demon lord


A Demon lord is a very powerful and unique demon. They are by definition rulers of at least one layer of the Abyss, and have hordes of nascent demon lords and lesser demons in their service. Being creatures of chaos, however, not all demons are servants to a demon lord. read more

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June 13 - Amenopheus


Amenopheus, the Sapphire Sage, is a member of the elite Jeweled Sages of Osirion, some of the world's most adept spymasters. Though the Jeweled Sages were disbanded when the Keleshite invaders took over their desert empire centuries ago, Amenopheus claims to trace his blood to the line of the astrologers of antiquity. read more

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June 6 - Croaker


A croaker is the soul of an innocent person falsely accused then hung for their crimes. They cannot go on to Pharasma's Boneyard, instead remaining condemned to undeath on the material plane until those guilty are brought to justice. read more

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May 30 - Katapesh

Katapesh gate.jpg

South of most civilized lands, sprawling across a valley of blazing-hot sand, is one of the most incredible and wondrous cities in all of Golarion: the great desert metropolis of Katapesh. Katapesh is a city of organized chaos where cash is king and commerce is the highest god. From its early beginnings as the Golden City, Katapesh was rich in natural resources and is located on the shores of the Obari Ocean. It retained its merchantile importance no matter who occupied the city. read more

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May 23 - Moloch


Moloch is an archdevil and ruler of the infernal layer of Malebolge. It is said that all who burn join the armies of Moloch. A being of seething wrath, the Lord of the Sixth embodies both absolute discipline and directed destructive force. General of Hell's armies, Moloch endlessly trains his infernal legions to be the greatest martial force in the multiverse. read more

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May 16 - Order of the Pyre

Kho fight.jpg

The Ruins of Kho were once a Shory flying city named Kho, and some tales even claim it was the first of its kind. Located in the Kho-Rarne Pass of the Barrier Wall Mountains between the Mwangi Expanse and Osirion, the former capital of the Shory fell to earth millennia ago. read more

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May 9 - Order of the Pyre

Order of the Pyre Hellknight mini.jpg

The Hellknight Order of the Pyre was organized in Kuthona of 4609 AR by Lictor Aligois Thels. This Order seeks out fanatical and blasphemous witches, warlocks, cultists, shamans, mystics and madmen throughout Avistan and purges them with flame and steel. While not one of the original Hellknight Orders, the Order of the Pyre's fanatical devotion to hunting cultists hearkens back to the original traditions of the Hellknights. read more

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May 2 - Whispering lily

Whispering lillies.jpg

Whispering lilies come in pairs and grow within a day or two after being planted. When only one bulb is planted, both plants in a bonded pair appear white, but change color when the other half of the pair is planted. If the one plant dies, then the other also withers and dies. When the matching lily is planted, the first changes color so that anyone monitoring it will know to listen to it. read more

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April 25 - Milani

Milani holy symbol.jpg

The minor goddess Milani is the patron of all those who fight against oppression and unjust rule. Until the death of Aroden in 4606 AR, Milani was simply one of dozens of saints within the Last Azlanti's faith. She was the beacon of hope to all those who fought against repressive regimes, giving courage to those who had little but their desire to live a free life. The death of her patron, combined with the tremendous upheaval and suffering that followed his death, gave her a focus and attracted many new followers read more

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April 18 - Sodden Lands

Sodden Lands symbol.jpg

The region now known as the Sodden Lands was previously a pair of now-lost kingdoms which were destroyed by the formation of the Eye of Abendego in 4606 AR. In their place is a land constantly battered by storms and largely flooded with only a few isolated pockets of civilisation. The people forced to dwell in the Sodden Lands are generally a sad bunch, almost all originally come from the fallen kingdoms of Lirgen and Yamasa as few sane people would want to live in such a storm-drenched wasteland. read more

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April 11 - Risen Guard

Risen Guard.jpg

The Risen Guard is an elite Sothan military unit serving Osirion's ruling dynasty, the Forthbringers. Each member has died and has been brought back to life by the order of Khemet III - if not by the Ruby Prince's hand personally. As such, the Risen Guard is fanatically loyal to the Forthbringers. New members give up their former identities and ranks, sometimes forsaking their previous names. read more

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April 4 - Moloch


Moloch is an archdevil and ruler of the infernal layer of Malebolge. It is said that all who burn join the armies of Moloch. A being of seething wrath, the Lord of the Sixth embodies both absolute discipline and directed destructive force. General of Hell's armies, Moloch endlessly trains his infernal legions to be the greatest martial force in the multiverse. read more

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March 28 - Cold rider

Cold rider

Former fey princes, the cold riders are now servants of the icy queen of Irrisen. Standing between seven and nine feet tall, these imposing figures serve as her messengers and often lead of other groups of dark fey, expanding her power wherever there is cold and darkness. Cold riders appear as heavily armored humanoids coated in rimefrost and creaking as they move. From their heads sprout two antlers of dark blue ice, twisted and sharp. read more

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March 21 - RPG Superstar 2011

RPG Superstar 2011

RPG Superstar 2011 began on December 3, 2010 and runs through March 22, 2011. The judges for the popular contest's fourth year include Sean K Reynolds, 2009 winner Neil Spicer, Open Gaming guru Ryan Dancey, and Mark Moreland. In addition to the winner having his or her adventure proposal published as part of the Pathfinder Modules line, the remaining three Top 4 contestants will each be contracted to write a Pathfinder Society scenario during Season 3. Voting on the final four entries ends at 2:00 PM Seattle time on Monday, March 21, and the winner will be announced the following day at the same time. read more

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March 14 - Gorilla King

Ruthazek, the Gorilla King

The Gorilla King, or Silverback King, is the title of the feral monarch of the city of Usaro in the Mwangi Expanse. It is believed that since the founding of the city many centuries ago the King has always been a gorilla, magically awakened into sentience to become the most honoured of Angazhan's servants in Golarion. In fact, the truth is even more sinister. read more

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March 7 - Ghoul

Ghoulish raiders

Ghouls are sentient undead that haunt graveyards and devour corpses. Periodically ghouls rise above their feral instincts to become horrifyingly civilised cannibals. They have a somewhat human appearance, sharing the basic frame of the humanoid they were created from, although up close it is almost impossible to mistake a ghoul for a still living person. Wherever they dwell ghouls gather in communities, for they posses the same need for companionship that humans do, although they have the macabre option of talking to their food first. read more

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February 28 - Alcoholic beverages

Dwarven ale

From Luglurch Ale to Irrisen Icewine to the colourfully named Whore's Breakfast, Golarion is home to many different alcoholic beverages. Besides the usual fare, more exotic spirits such as the serpentfolk's Bloodwine and the Bramble-Sick Brandy (brewed by bugbears) may be obtained by adventurous tipplers. read more

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February 21 - Nex

Nex flag

A realm forged by one of the most powerful wizards to ever walk Golarion and named in his honor, Nex is a realm still filled with arcane wonders and ancient scars left by Nex himself. This combination of history and magic helps to make Nex one of the most cosmopolitan nations of eastern Garund. read more

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February 14 - Kostchtchie


The demon lord Kostchtchie was born a mortal to Ulfen parents. After slaying his entire family he sought immortality by forcing a bargain with Baba Yaga. Alas Kostchtchie was overconfident and found himself tranformed into a horrific demonic giant. Now he is the demonic patron of hateful giants and biting cold, ruling form his frost-covered throne in the Abyssal realm of Skyscar. read more

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February 7 - Tar-Baphon


Tar-Baphon was a powerful wizard-king who ruled central Avistan at the end of the 9th century AR. Killed by the god Aroden himself in 896 AR, he rose as the lich known as the Whispering Tyrant in 3203 AR, and ruled the country of Ustalav for centuries. He was finally defeated by the Shining Crusade in 3827 AR and imprisoned within his capital of Gallowspire. read more

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January 31 - Slurk


Long ago, dwarves dragged giant forest toads beneath the earth and altered their physiology with powerful magic in hopes of creating powerful underground beasts of burden that would be perfect mounts. The slurk is the disgusting result of their aborted efforts. The creature's unappealing slime and foul reek caused the dwarves to drive away their creation in disgust. Kobolds, on the other hand, are less picky, and frequently use slurks as mounts to this day. read more

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January 24 - James Jacobs

James Jacobs

James Jacobs began his career as a D&D game designer at the tender age of 14, when an adventure he wrote was published in Dungeon #12. After later working on the same magazine for Paizo, he is now Creative Director of Pathfinder. He likes Godzilla and dinosaurs and Lovecraft stuff. He has a pet cat. His favorite pizza topping is artichoke hearts, and his favorite movie is Alien. He wants to buy a lizard, too. read more

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January 17 - Glabrezu

Glabrezu fight

Whereas succubi work their wiles by exploiting the physical lusts and needs of their prey, glabrezu are tempters of a different sort. Ferocious and bestial in form, glabrezu are in fact masters of trickery and lies. With the ability to cloak their true forms in pleasant illusions, they use their magic to grant wishes to mortal humanoids as a method of rewarding those who succumb to their guile and deceit. read more

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January 10 - Elf


Elves are tall, slender humanoids, usually taller but lighter than their human counterparts. Despite the fact that they are among the most common of Golarion's humanoid races, they are a people in decline. Their culture peaked thousands of years ago, and they have been unable to repopulate the many places they once called home. read more

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