Fort Korvosa

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Fort Korvosa can be seen on top of the hill on the island to the right of this picture of the city of Korvosa.

Fort Korvosa is a crumbling defensive structure built atop Garrison Hill on Endrin Isle in the Varisian city of Korvosa. It is the second such citadel to carry this name, the first being the original wooden palisade outpost that would eventual grow into the city of Korvosa. In modern Korvosa, Fort Korvosa is classed as a ward of the Old Korvosa district.1


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The original Chelish defensive fortification known as Fort Korvosa was built on Endrin Isle at the mouth of the Jeggare River in 4407 AR. The name eventually came to mean not only the fort itself, but the community of colonists that grew up around it. Once local Shoanti resistance was finally defeated in 4488 AR, colonists began settling the mainland across the Narrows of Saint Alika and increased Chelish immigration grew the settlement into a proper town. Having expanded far beyond its original wilderness outpost in 4504 AR, the town decided to drop the "Fort" from its name and simply call itself Korvosa.2

A second, much larger stone defensive structure was completed on Garrison Hill in 4438 AR, also called Fort Korvosa. The wooden palisade walls of the original fort were simply left to rot, and can still be seen there today.1

Layout and upkeep

The Fort today overlooks both the district of Old Korvosa and Conqueror's Bay, and has been terribly neglected for a long time. Within its walls lie the Endrin Military Academy; Palace Arkona, home of the noble House Arkona; the Old City Hall; and the Orisini Academy.1


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