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This is an index of all the relevant terms from Dave Gross' Pathfinder Tales story A Lesson in Taxonomy, published in serial fashion on the Paizo website. (link)

Each entry has been linked to an article in this wiki on the subject. The number after the entry refers to the Chapter in which the term can be found.

List of Chapters

1. The Bestiary - March 30, 2011 - link

2. The Observation Post - April 6, 2011 - link



Absalom 1–2
Amadi 1–2
Asmodeus 2


Cayden Cailean 1
Cheliax or Chelish 1–2
Crocodile King 1


Egorian 1
Eleder 1–2
Elf 1
Ersilia 1–2


Kaava Lands 1
Kalabuto or Kalabuta 1–2
Prince Kasiya 1–2
Khari 1
Khemet I 1
Khemet II 1


Order of the Scourge 1
Osirion or Osirian 1


Rahuru 2
Remigo 1–2
Rosk Hargun see Hargun, Rosk


Sargava or Sargavan 1–2
Screaming Jungle 1–2


Taldor or Taldan 2
Thrune 1–2
Trick Alley Trio 1


Varian Jeggare see Jeggare, Varian
Venture-captain 1
Vors Nevarion see Nevarion, Vors