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Fort Thorn

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Fort Thorn
A map of Fort Thorn
Nation Korvosa, Varisia
Region Bloodsworn Vale
Size Village
Population 100
Demographics 95% human, 3% halfling, 1% elf, 1% half-elf
Government Conventional (ruling lord)
Alignment Neutral good
Ruler Sir Gyrad Tolgrith, Lord of the Fort
Leader Father Apar, Bellar Graysalk, Orrend, Partik Kinbond
Images of Fort Thorn

Source: Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale, pg(s). 26

Fort Thorn a small settlement with a stone keep beset by feral fey, owlbears, flame drakes, lizardfolk, bugbears, and other threats in the Bloodsworn Vale.[1] Around 4707 AR, then-King of Korvosa Eodred Arabasti II appointed Sir Gyrad Tolgrith to establish Fort Thorn and a trade route through the vale.[2]


Aside from a gatehouse, fortifications, watchtowers, and stables along its walls, Fort Thorn consists of only seven other permanent structures:


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