Blackblood Cay

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Blackblood Cay
Nation Shackles
Region Shark Island
Size Small town
Population 915
Ruler Free Captain Simeon the Vain

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 12

Blackblood Cay is a small port town on Shark Island in the Shackles. It is located on a small hidden inlet of the island and was founded by Free Captain Simeon the Vain in 4703 AR. The port now hosts ten more pirate captains, while Simeon remains lord of Blackblood Cay. The town features berths along the wharf for only six vessels at a time.


Simeon's sloop Blushing Bride is known for its extraordinary speed. Rumor has it that Simeon intends to contest Avimar Sorrinash's dominance of Shark Island.

Other notable residents of the town include Arkel Kruggut, the Kellid bartender of the seedy tavern Fallen from Grace.[1]


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