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Nation The Shackles
Region The island of the Smoker
Size Small town
Population 1,130
Demographics Mainly humans
Ruler Willa Cloudbuster

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 32

Plumetown is the only major settlement on the island of the Smoker in the Shackles. Willa Cloudbuster is the de facto mayor of the town, and oversees Plumetown's sometimes impatient and disruptive visitors with a small army of constables: former pirates who carry massive clubs. The entire town seems designed solely to house, feed and entertain its visitors who seek the wisdom of the mysterious soothsayers, Keeba's Eyes, living in the caverns of Mount Keeba. It boasts a large number of taverns, hostels, gaming houses, and brothels.[1]


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