Whyrlis Rock

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Whyrlis Rock.

Whyrlis Rock is an island in the eastern part of the Shackles. It is between Widowmaker Isle and Devil's Arches.1 The island is large but altered terribly by the eldritch powers unleashed by the two powerful sorcerers, Raugsmauda and Gray Whyrlis who fought one another for control of the archipelago, long before Chelish explorers made their way to the Shackles. Most of the shoreline seems to have collapsed into the sea. Spires of rock surround the island having broken off the original shores which are now sheer cliffs of white, chalky stone. The remaining landmarks on the cursed island are avoided by all. A few daring pirates have attempted to establish small settlements on Whyrlis Rock but the only functioning one left is the grim mining town of Chalk Harbor which serves as the base of the slaver Alahandra Boisich.2

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