Colvaas Gibbet

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Colvaas Gibbet
Nation Shackles
Region Shackles Mainland
Size Small town
Population 425
Ruler Hemdak Wavebaiter

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 4

The small port of Colvaas Gibbet is situated in the Mainland area of the Shackles,[1] approximately 25 miles northeast of Port Peril.[2]


The settlement was founded in 4674 AR[1][3] by the notorious pirate captain Colvaas. Colvaas himself came to a bad end, and his remains still hang from a gibbet situated in the town's harbour, which is where Colvaas Gibbet gets its name.[1]


The town's current ruler is the pirate captain Hemdak Wavebaiter, who is actually descended from Colvaas's first mate.[1]


Colvaas Gibbet is not actually on the coast. It is situated a short distance up a wide river. Its inhabitants tend to be taciturn and do not ask questions. As a result, the town is sometimes popular with those who want to keep a low profile for a while.[1]