Rapier Bay

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Rapier Bay
Nation The Shackles
Region Motaku Isle
Size Small town
Population 1,340
Ruler Maxevale Janis

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 10

Rapier Bay is a rowdy small town on Motaku Isle in the Shackles. It is led by the pirate lord Maxevale Janis, captain of the galleon Motaku Maiden. Maxevale always supports Lady Tessa in the Pirate Council, earning the nickname "the Puppy", though no man dares to say it to his face.

Rapier Bay is not a busy harbor like Quent, but is used by pirates who do not want to draw much attention to themselves while sailing near the island. Rapier Bay is famous for one of its smithies, the Steel-Clad Giant, that makes some of the finest blades west of the Arch of Aroden.[1]


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