Firegrass Isle

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Firegrass Isle.

Firegrass Isle is home to Goatshead and located at the southeastern edge of the Shackles, very close to the Fever Sea.1


Nearly 200 years ago, the infamous buccaneer Knotbeard, trapped in a narrow cove of an island that it would become known as the Firegrass Isle, set his ship on fire. The rampant inferno destroyed Knotbeard's barkentine Mother o' Seasons and its crew but also the four warships of the Chelish Navy which had trapped them. The fire spread to the dry grass that covered the rocky island, consuming every living thing upon it. Of the 17 Chelish sailors who survived the fire, only four managed to stay alive on the island long enough to be recovered by a passing ship a week and a half later.1

In 4642 AR, a trio of pirate captains settled on the island. These pirates resented the restrictions placed by the Pirate Council and especially the anti-piracy pact with Sargava. They set about flouting this treaty and soon the Pirate Council laid the blame for all and any pirate misbehavior against Sargavan vessels on the Firegrass island buccaneers. Made the scapegoats of every Sargavan complaint, these three captains adopted a flag with a white goat's head on a black field, declared Firegrass Isle the "Last Bastion of Freedom", and also named their settlement Goatshead.1


Firegrass Isle's charter is affixed with a dagger to the wall of Goatshead's oldest tavern, Walleye's Rum Room. The captains who founded Goatshead are long in their graves. The current rulers of Firegrass Isle are Sweet Wilihem Poore, Bent-Beak Charney, and Dancing Darla Madile.1


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