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Raptor Island

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Raptor Island is one of the westernmost islands of the Shackles. It is west of Shark Island and east of the Cannibal Isles.[1]

This jungle-covered island has not been settles by the Shackles Pirates. The island's top predators are packs of deinonychuses. The pirates are in the habit of stranding troublemakers as well as malcontents and traitors on the island; there are rumours that some of these exiles have managed to survive the dinosaurs and have banded together for protection.[2]

The rocky shores and the jagged reefs prevent ships from approaching the Raptor Island. To land here, a ship must anchor about a quarter-mile offshore and use a longboat to reach usually the barren beach known as Dead Slave Cove near the mouth of the Broken Hope River, the island's main river. Most castaways are deposited on the Dead Slave Cove destined to spend the rest of his or her life on the Raptor Island. The perilous waters around the island are infested by sharks and other marine predators. Against all odds, a number of castaways managed to build a refuge, known as Fort Holiday, atop a rocky hill at the fork of the Broken Hope and its main tributary. It consists of a number of huts surrounded by a wooden palisade.[3]


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