Ungoro Tedar

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Ungoro Tedar.

Ungoro Tedar is a small isle that lies just north of Devil's Arches island in the Shackles. It was one of the first small islands discovered by Chelish explorers some 600 years ago.1

Though it boasts none of the fabled Ghol-Gani monuments for which Devil's Arches is famous, it is also eerie and unwelcoming. A vast fathomless cavity lies in the center of the isle and a small river that wends its way through the isle pours into the pit forming a wide shallow waterfall. The vast cavern grows steadily creepier and more haunting the deeper one goes. Dim symbols of Ghol-Gani civilization dot the walls of the pit here and there, hastily written warnings written in a dead language and falling on deaf ears. Most of the explorers who have dared to journey into the pit have never returned but those who managed to return reported truly otherworldly spectacles, including entire chambers of rare gems, vents of intoxicating mists, and vast lairs of living megafauna.1


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