Butcher's Rock

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Butcher's Rock is a small island that can be found amongst the pirate isles of the Shackles. Butcher's Rock is named for a vast, flat slab of gray granite that sits atop most of the island, looking like a colossal cutting block. This block lies at a thirty-degree angle, stretching from the waterline of the Arcadian Ocean upwards to over a thousand feet high at its opposite end. About midway along its length, the rock is almost hewn in two, as if from the colossal blow of some god. Below this huge rock structure, the rest of the island is made up of layers of rock. The beaches surrounding the island consist of jagged rocks with only a few stretches where a boat could safely land; this area is also home to horse-sized giant crabs. Further up, much of the island is ringed with numerous caves that are home to the island's cyclopes. 1 The island boasts little greenery, only moss, some sharp-leafed bushes, and a handful of twisted trees. The island is dotted with ancient blocks of stone from some sort of Ghol-Gan ruin: these blocks often bear disturbing carvings of human sacrifice and cannibalism. Butcher's Rock is home to the cyclops seer Xanae.2