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Nation The Shackles
Region Devil's Arches
Size Small town
Population 835
Ruler Hardluck Massey

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 8

The pirate town of Pex is located on the Devil's Arches island of the Shackles, at the south end of the perilous Straits of Balthus. It is a rough, ramshackle settlement, ruled by the capricious Hardluck Massey. He is known for his impulsive punishments against the unfortunates who have annoyed him. Pex boasts a large three-story inn called Damned If It Didn't Rain run by Hegmar of Frembrudd that gathers buccaneers of Ulfen descent as well as Varisian merchants who own warehouses in the town.[1]


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