Cauldrons of Calm and Calamity

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The Cauldrons of Calm and Calamity are a series of mystical caves at the foot of Mount Keeba on the island of the Smoker in the Shackles. Within these caves, live the three prophets, known as Keeba's Eyes, who are famous in the Shackles for their wisdom and oracular prowess. Many pilgrims arrive in Plumetown seeking words of wisdom from the Eyes. They are informed by the residents there that they have to wait in the town until a Caretaker seeks them out, when one of the Eyes is willing to give an audience. The wait may last from hours to years. When a Caretaker does come to Plumetown with a summons, the silent figure escorts the petitioners on the long paved road to the Cauldrons of Calm and Calamity via the Wise Artery road. Upon arrival, they are guided to one of the Keeba's Eyes, who hears each petitioner's question and names the non-negotiable price for its answer.1


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