Yoha's Graveyard

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Yoha's Graveyard.

Yoha's Graveyard is a small island just northeast of Devil's Arches in the Shackles. The island features plentiful fresh water, game, lumber, and fruit, but also myriad relics depicting gruesome acts of cannibalism, and it was always considered haunted by the restless horrors of ancient Ghol-Gan.1

A few years after 4642 AR, the Pathfinder Brance Yoha was sent by Absalom as the leader of a fleet consisting of seven ships, to fight the vile pirates of the lawless Shackles. When Yoha first reached the Shackles he found the haunted island whose position was ideal for his base. Yoha ignored his crew's warnings and decided to make the island his base of operations. Yoha and his crew positioned their camp at the base of a ziggurat devoted to a powerful demon known to the Ghol-Gan people as Moxix, the Drinker of Human Hopes. The statue of Moxix stood at the top of the ziggurat.1

Yoha and his crew were never heard from again. It is said that the crew went mad, slaying one another and resorting to cannibalism and other acts of depravity.1

Today the island is shrouded in impenetrable mist. Once each year during the Clearing Moon—the first full moon after the rainy season—the mist lifts for but one night. It has been reported that the dark outline of Yoha's fabled flagship, Griffon Unfettered, could be recognized. So far few have seized the chance to explore the haunted island. The sailors who drift near the island say that they could hear the moans of the tormented souls of Yoha and his crew echoing across the water. The Pathfinder Society every year attempts to hire some brave crews of Pathfinders to explore Yoha's Graveyard during the Clearing Moon, but so far most of them failed to return, and the few who have returned were irreparably damaged. A swollen mark resembling a crooked pentagram was inscribed on the back of each crewmember's head.1


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