Fellhope Canyon

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Fellhope Canyon is a gorge, formed millennia ago and flooded with the surrounding Arcadian Ocean's water, that divides the Dahak's Fang island in the Shackles into two halves: the East Fang and the West Fang.

Fellhope Canyon has become a legendary destination for thrill-seeking pirates. Piloting a small boat from one end of the canyon to the other, a trek known as the Fellhope Run, is the ultimate drunken challenge for foolhardy sailors. The most famous pirate who took the challenge and lived to tell the tale was Hego Gebel. The now one-eyed, one-legged pirate can be found in the common room of the Lusty Mermaid in Quent narrating the story for newcomers who buy him a drink. Most of his compatriots were not as fortunate and were eaten or eviscerated along that journey.1


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