Holy Isle

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The mythical Holy Isle stands at the center of the Cove of the Queen, the beautiful cove in the Besmara's Throne island in the Shackles. The horseshoe-shaped Holy Isle is covered by mists that vanish when a worshiper of Besmara, following the inlet that starts just west of the the northern curve of the Besmara's Throne island, passes the second narrowing and emerges gloriously into the cove. A dozen watercrafts sail the cove moving to and from the Holy Isle where Besmara's enormous temple lies. Half of the temple is submerged in the islet's tiny bay. Priests and acolytes in black silk work in the temple, performing ceremonies and welcoming those that end their Voyage there. An old woman, Laharra Seaspray, the current high priest of Besmara, is always found within the temple.1


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