Besmara's Throne

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Besmara's Throne.

The small island of Besmara's Throne is in the Shackles, west of Motaku Isle and southeast of Shark Island.1 The island is named after Besmara, the goddess of pirates,2 and contains a single notable settlement, the town of Queen Bes.3

A thick veil of mist covers the base of the high cliffs surrounding the island of Besmara's Throne. The sheer cliffs are between 50 and 120 feet high, pitted with crevasses and caves, inhabited by carnivorous winged reptiles and birds. Approaching the sacred island is very dangerous. Those that survived the flying predators, and reach the fog, they find rocky spines lurking just below the water. A wide inlet just west of the northern curve of the island which leads to the southeast and finally emerges gloriously into the beautiful Cove of the Queen. The cliffs of the wide inlet are dotted with caves and perches, each voluntarily inhabited by penitent adherents of Besmara. They use to shout down challenges, insults, and warnings to any sailing by. The height of the cliffs decreases steadily the farther one sails the inlet to the southeast and a second narrowing is found just before the Cove of the Queen.3

Every priest of Besmara, and to a lesser extent every worshipper, is expected to make a pilgrimage to Besmara's Throne at least once in his or her life. This journey is known as the Voyage.43


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