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Small town
Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 10

Bogsbridge is a small port on Motaku Isle in the Shackles. It is built in a marshy wetland completely unworthy of any development.

Falgood Boles, captain of the brig Bitter Wind, founded the small port after he had a vision of Besmara. He believed Besmara had tasked him to build a port in this marshy wetland. The devout pirate developed the settlement using his personal wealth, despite the boggy location and the fact that no large ship could use this harbor. Boles lived there alone with his wife for two years.

The marsh was gradually silting the harbor when Falgood Boles discovered a unique breed of snail in the surrounding marshes that produced a rare purple dye. The discovery made Falgood Boles a fortune and since then the town has grown. The town still continues to harvest the lucrative snails, transporting it via a sandy road to Lilywhite where the dye is shipped far and wide.

Boles's cheerful granddaughter, Tendry Boles, is the town's mayor. She also tends the inn her grandfather built, the thriving Besmara's Favor.1


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