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December 31, 2012 - Bachuan

Bachuan flag.jpg

A successor state of once-great Imperial Lung Wa on the continent of Tian Xia, Bachuan (formerly known as Pen Wa) is a dictatorship run according to a strict communist philosophy that opposes private ownership of property, enforces state control of production and distribution of wealth, and forbids religion. read more

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January 7, 2013 - Hermea

Hermea symbol.jpg

Hermea is an isolated island nation in the Steaming Sea. It was uninhabited until 4552 AR, when the gold dragon Mengkare decided to use it as the site of a unique social experiment he called “the Glorious Endeavor”—his attempt to perfect the human race. It is a long term project which aims to make each generation healthier, more intelligent and more talented than the last. Mengkare is the ultimate authority and arbiter of the greater good, and every adult has signed a Contract of Citizenship recognising this fact. Below him is the 13 member Council of Enlightenment who handle the day-to-day governance of the realm. In addition, almost every citizen has some kind of official authority in their area of expertise. read more

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January 14, 2013 - Imrijka


Imrijka's story is one filled with tragedy, mystery, and hope. She was brought to the Gravecharge cathedral in Lepidstadt by a city watchman and named after its first high priestess. While a ward of the church of Pharasma, a strange man and his cohorts made three separate attempts to adopt the young woman. Each time they were turned away by Gravecharge's high exorcist Jarlos Teym, despite the strangers' claims that Imrijka was his daughter. As she grew, she studied to be a Pharasmin inquisitor and since coming of age has travelled much of Ustalav and further lands. read more

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January 21 - Aballon

Aballon symbol.svg

The planet Aballon (also known as the Horse because of its rotational speed around the sun) is the closest of the planets to Golarion's star. Its proximity to the sun means the planet has a surface temperature which can melt lead. Close inspection of the Horse via divination magic and telescopes show that it is dotted with ruins that look almost mechanical in nature. read more

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January 28 - Alaznist


Alaznist was the last Thassilonian Runelord of Wrath who ruled for many years over her realm of Bakrakhan. She is believed to have retreated from view along with the other runelords during Earthfall, and it is unknown whether she survived that cataclysm. She ruled from her capital of Xin-Bakrakhan, the City of Wrath, which is believed to have been located on what is now the island of Hollow Mountain in the Varisian Gulf. read more

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February 4 - Great Old One

Cthulhu attack.jpg

Gods of the Dark Tapestry form two categories, in so far as such chaos might be categorized: the Outer Gods and the Great Old Ones, sometimes termed just Old Ones. The Outer Gods are equivalent to true deities, whereas the Great Old Ones are less powerful: more akin to demigods, like the archdevils and demon lords. The Great Old Ones respect the Outer Gods and may be seen as heralds or high priests of their greater kind. read more

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February 11 - Shaitan


The shaitan are a race of genies from the Elemental Plane of Earth. They are humanoid in shape, and appear to be carved from rock, with glossy skin and glittering eyes. When they move it sounds like stone grating on stone. A typical specimen is 11 feet in height and 5,000 pounds in weight. They dress in as much finery as they can afford, and sometimes use illusions to increase the impression of wealth. read more

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February 18 - Tian (human ethnicity)

Amara Li.jpg

The Tian people come from the distant continent of Tian Xia, located far to the east of the Inner Sea. The few Tian who migrate from their homeland to the shores of Avistan and Garund are generally classed as a single ethnicity. The Tian people, however, come from an entire continent, and as such are not one united ethnicity, but many different ones. All Tian in the Inner Sea region, however, have one thing in common: they are thousands upon thousands of miles from their ancestral homeland. read more

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February 25 - Evoking Day

Nethys holy symbol.jpg

A holy day to followers of Nethys, Evoking Day is full of vibrant explosions, skillful wielding of spells, and much dancing. Evoking Day is observed on the 18th of Neth, and while this holiday is mostly celebrated in Garund, temples dedicated to Nethys host celebrations throughout the Inner Sea region. Traditional celebrations of Evoking Day have changed over the thousands of years since its first incarnation, but to this day every occurrence of Evoking Day still features a grand meal shared by celebrants during the afternoon and a wondrous exhibition of brilliant and explosive magic once the sun sets. These days, such colorful magical displays are augmented with fireworks of a dozen different colors and patterns. read more

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March 4 - Falcon's Hollow

Falcons Hollow Map.jpg

Falcon's Hollow is a town in Darkmoon Vale, in the nation of Andoran. The settlement sits only a short distance from Darkmoon Wood and is little more than a logging village, comprised almost exclusively of lumbermen in the employ of the Lumber Consortium and their families. With few exceptions, the buildings and their inhabitants belong to the Consortium and totally depend on the overpriced goods delivered by the organization. read more

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March 11 - Forlorn


The Forlorn are a category of elf that differ from other elves by upbringing rather than ethnicity. These elves spent their lengthy childhood in non-elven (typically human) communities. The earliest Forlorn were the orphaned children of elves who refused to abandon Golarion from the predicted devastation wrought by Earthfall. read more

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March 18 - Emberstorm

Emberstorm escape.jpg

Emberstorms are also known as black blizzards. These powerful duststorms made of ash and embers left behind by large brushfires, such as those used in burn runs. Because wildfires are more common in the summer months, this is when emberstorms are most commonly seen. The Shoanti pass legends that the emberstorms are the Cinderlands' way of taking the inhabitants of the plains that the gods have chosen to bring to the Boneyard. read more

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March 25 - Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition

Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition.jpg

Celebrating both the fifth anniversary of the Pathfinder Adventure Path and the tenth anniversary of Paizo Publishing, the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition expands the original campaign with new options and refined encounters throughout, incorporating 5 years of community feedback. Additionally, it is supplemented with a deluxe collector's edition. The deluxe edition features a presentation case, removable player handouts and 15 premium full-color prints of key Rise of the Runelords cover images and iconic characters on high-quality art stock paper. read more

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April 1 - Sun orchid elixir

Thuvia symbol.jpg

The fabled sun orchid elixir is much sought after for its ability to temporarily halt the aging process, restoring the drinker to the age of its race's young adults. The secret of its creation was discovered by the Thuvian alchemist Artokus Kirran in 1140 AR. It is difficult and dangerous to make. The key ingredient is the nectar of the rare sun orchid flower. The flower can be found only in Thuvia’s desert interior, regions infested by the corrupted genies known as divs. Orchid hunters must also contend with the local tribal leaders, known as Water Lords; many of these lords are little better than bandits. read more

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April 8 - Half-janni


Half-janni are the children of burning passions consummated with mysterious desert travellers. As with many half breeds, they do not belong entirely to either of their parent's worlds. The appearance of a half-janni is normally so close to human that it is impossible to tell from a cursory glance that they are not human, although they are always exceptionally beautiful. It is only on closer inspection that people notice the other worldly grace, the serenity and the small cloud of sand that often dances around their feet. Generally it is an impression of unearthly beauty and grace that distinguishes a half-janni from a human. read more

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April 15 - Verduran Forest


The Verduran Forest is one of the largest woodlands in Avistan, and straddles the borders between Andoran, Taldor, and Galt. Despite standing within the boundaries of these powerful nations, the druids of the forest maintain a high level of autonomy within it, especially in Taldor. read more

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April 22 - Pathfinder Chronicles


The Pathfinder Chronicles are a multi-volume series of chapbooks published by the Pathfinder Society recounting the most notable journeys and discoveries of the order's membership. While pathfinders the world over submit accounts of their deeds to their local venture-captains, the books themselves are published by the mysterious Decemvirate in Absalom, and they alone make the final decision of whose adventures grace the Chronicles' illustrious pages. read more

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April 29 - Ragathiel

Ragathiel holy symbol.jpg

Ragathiel is an empyreal lord known as the General of Vengeance. His portfolio includes chivalry, duty, and vengeance, and his holy symbol is a bastard sword crossed with a crimson wing. He makes his home at the base of the mountain of Heaven, in a magnificent steel fortress designed to withstand a thousand-year siege if need be. Ragathiel takes an active role in the battle against Hell's fiendish legions. He shines at the head of his army, a figure of golden light cleaving through the ranks of devils that face him. Soldiers of all kinds, but particularly knights, pay homage to Ragathiel and pray for his virtue and wrathful strength in battle. Those who have taken vows, especially those of duty or vengeance, hold Ragathiel as their ideal, and his agents sometimes assist those who have been grievously wronged and now seek righteous vengeance. read more

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May 6 - Fangwood Keep

Fangwood Keep.jpg

We're not above the occasional little bit of shameless promotion here at PathfinderWiki. That's why this week we're featuring Fangwood Keep by our own Alex Greenshields/Brandingopportunity. Visit the Marideth River valley in lovely Nirmathas, and attempt to wrest control of the eponymous keep from a rebellious Molthuni commander. Can the heroes get to the bottom of the commander's enigmatic motivations before it's too late? read more

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May 13 - Diabolism


Diabolism is a philosophical interest in understanding, serving, and promoting the organizational structure of Hell. Diabolists do not venerate Asmodeus or his Archdevils in particular, preferring to come to a greater understanding of the hierarchies, structures, and philosophies which are the underpinnings of their interactions. As such, this ideology does not grant its adherents divine power, although devotees of infernal powers often arise from such cults, making the philosophy something of a stepping stone to infernal worship. read more

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May 20 - Ankheg


Verminous dangers that roam the hinterlands of civilisation, ankhegs are burrowing, insect-like menaces that prey on livestock and the farmers who guard them. At first glance, the ankheg seems to be a gigantic insect. Unlike true insects, however, the ankheg only has one set of eyes and possesses a rudimentary intelligence similar to that of reptiles. Its oversized mandibles excrete a potent acid which it uses to dissolve its food. read more

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May 27 - Knight

Jamus Hainard.jpg

Many cultures in Golarion have a tradition of knights and knightly orders. Some seek out glory and champion the common man, all while wearing shining armor astride a mount. Others have neither good nor noble intentions. However, all knights have a sense of a purpose larger than themselves. This purpose may be faith and holy orders. For others, the glory of their home country is paramount – either through influencing others while abroad or providing defense at home. Still others have felt the call to uphold cherished philosophical ideals, such as self-perfection or the absolute rule of law. read more

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June 3 - Ioun stone

Implanted ioun stone.jpg

Ioun stones are magically charged stones that, when activated by an intelligent creature, levitate in a spinning manner around the head of its user. They have various effects, depending on the shape and color of the stone. Little is known about the history of these magical stones, despite the fact that the Pathfinder Society has invested significant energy into uncovering their origins. read more

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June 10 - -5293 AR


-5293 AR: Nearly 10,000 years ago, the face of Golarion was changed forever. It was the dawn of the Age of Darkness, the year that the Starstone fell. Nations near and far were ravaged that year. Empires fell, and massive geological changes rendered old maps largely obsolete. read more

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June 17 - Pathfinder #1

Pathfinder 1 Walpole.jpg

Pathfinder #1, a comic book written by Jim Zub with art by Andrew Huerta and colors by Ross Campbell, was released in August 2012. The issue debuts the Pathfinder comic book series, and features standard covers by Dave Dorman, Erik Jones, Lucio Parillo, and Matteo Scalera, and exclusive covers by Tyler Walpole and Michelle Hoefener. This 40-page inaugural issue includes over 10 pages of character profiles and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game content by James Jacobs, plus an exclusive removable, playable tactical map and poster. read more

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June 24 - Moonflower


Moonflowers are carnivorous plants with rudimentary intelligence from beyond the sphere of Golarion. Flesh-hungry and dangerous, these foul plants pose a danger to anyone who comes near them. While quite rare on Golarion, they can be found with greater frequency on the moon, and outer planets of the solar system including Castrovel, and Triaxus. read more

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July 1 - Zombie

Nareem Daress.jpg

Twice-Born is a polite term for referring to undead, and typically only used within the Ankar-Te district of the Varisian city of Kaer Maga. There, necromancy and the creation of undead is commonly practiced and accepted, and the twice-born can often be found working as servants for wealthy individuals. read more

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July 8 - Balor

Balor fight.jpg

The dreaded Balors are the most powerful of the demons of the Abyss, apart from the demon lords themselves. Sometimes known as fire demons, they are the epitome of demonkind. They appear as tall, horned pillars of flesh and fire. A typical specimen is 14 feet in height and 4,500 pounds in weight. read more

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July 15 - Hobgoblin


Hobgoblins are a goblinoid race of raiders and pillagers, taking what they need with steel and fire from more advanced cultures before vanishing back into the wilds, slaves and plunder in tow. A hobgoblin is nearly the same height as a human. Their round, hairless heads sit atop wide, thick necks, and their long, tattered ears flank a pair of savage orange eyes. Their dull, gray-green skin is coarse and largely devoid of hair. Their short, powerful legs coupled with their long, muscular arms grants the hobgoblin vague similarities with that of a brutish ape. Unlike their capricious goblin cousins, hobgoblins are strong, cunning, and organized, with a natural inclination toward hierarchies and social order. Though their strongholds are often sloppily constructed, they are extremely tenacious in their defense. read more

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July 22 - Ogrekin


Ogrekin are the spawn of the hideous forced unions between ogres and whatever humanoids they can overpower. Grotesque creatures, no two ogrekin look the same, each bearing different deformities caused by its aberrant ogre parentage. Ogrekin are just as evil as their ogre parents and are universally shunned by other humanoids. Ogres view ogrekin as too weak and flimsy to be proper ogres and so are not allowed to be part of ogre tribes. Humanoids on the other hand regard ogrekin as hideous monsters unfit for anything except a quick death by the sword. Ogrekin usually live in small, brutish, and often inbred clans. These clan survive either by living on the scraps of giants or preying on weaker more

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July 29 - Isle of Kortos

Absalom map.png

The Isle of Kortos sits prominently in the center of the Inner Sea and hosts Absalom, the world's largest city. While the metropolis itself does not occupy the entire landmass, the remaining land is considered among of the city-state's holdings, including the two smaller settlements on the island (Diobel and Escadar). Much of the non-populated land surrounding Absalom is filled with ruined siege engines and battlements from the countless assaults on the city's impenetrable walls and has come to be known as the Cairnlands. In the center of the Isle the Kortos Mounts rear out of the land, forested in their lower reaches but barren and icy at their peaks. read more

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August 5 - Shrine of the Failed

Starstone Cathedral.jpg

The Shrine of the Failed is a hall of monuments in Absalom's Ascendant Court dedicated to those who have failed the Test of the Starstone. It was founded centuries ago, and routinely expanded since by the families of the fallen and other residents of Absalom. Most visitors view it as a novelty and leave quickly, but there are occasionally devout worshipers who believe that one of the failed is a god who is merely more

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August 12 - Sheila Heidmarch

Sheila Heidmarch.jpg

One of the two Venture-captains that set up the Heidmarch Manor Pathfinder lodge in Magnimar, Sheila Heidmarch is a seasoned but now retired adventurer. Sheila and her husband (and lifelong adventuring partner) Canayven Heidmarch opened their private estate in Magnimar's Naos district after retiring from a life of adventuring. Seeing value in their homeland, Sheila and Canayven have established the first society lodge in Varisia, allowing the Pathfinder Society access to the relatively unexplored wilderness region, rich with ancient Thassilonian artifacts ripe for the plunder. read more

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August 19 - Dynamite Entertainment

Dynamite Entertainment logo.png

Dynamite Entertainment was founded in 2004 and is home to several best-selling comic book titles and properties. They are consistently ranked in the upper tiers of comic book publishers and several of their titles—including Alex Ross and Jim Krueger's Project Superpowers—have debuted in the Top Ten lists produced by Diamond Comics Distributors. In January 2012, Dynamite Entertainment and Paizo Publishing announced the licensing of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game to the comic publisher. read more

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September 9 - Andoren foreign relations

Andoran symbol.jpg

Being the only country with open, democratically-elected leaders, Andoran's foreign relations with its more autocratic neighbors is generally poor. Foreign powers worry that their peasantry might see the People's Revolt as an example and start to question their own place in the social order. read more

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September 16 - Woodsedge Lodge

Pathfinder Society symbol.svg

The looted Woodsedge Lodge stands in the city of Woodsedge in southern Galt. It once held the magical, historical and cultural artifacts of the Pathfinder Society: during its heyday, the lodge held fabled treasures such as the Thorncrown of Iomedae, Vesper's Rapier and the Golden Carriage of Gaspar Longfellow, among other items of cultural value. Once an important locale for the Pathfinder Society, the lodge suffered considerable damage when the Red Revolution first began, although it persisted in some capacity regardless. The death blow came due to a bandit raid in 4704 AR: its remaining relics contained within were looted. The lodge was then heavily damaged by the following riots when Revolutionary fanatics also attacked, slaying the Venture-Captain and hanging her servants from the three towers of the lodge. read more

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September 23 - Karatha Obbaros


Karatha Obbaros is a priestess of Iomedae, serving her goddess in the Cathedral of Sancta Iomedaea‎ in Vigil. She truly believes the tenets of her faith and acts instinctively in an honourable and valorous fashion. She is acquainted with Roubris Chor whom she sees as someone genuinely interested in aiding the souls he finds on battlefields. She would like to show Chor the way to belief in Iomedae. In battle, she is brave and capable. read more

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September 30 - Jabberwock


The mighty Jabberwocks are part of the group of legendary First World creatures known as the Tane. Some consider them to be the most powerful of the Tane. On their rare visits to the Material Plane they seem to care only for destruction. Fortunately, they do not reproduce naturally. They are created as fully grown adults by a secret process known only to the lords of the fey known as the Eldest. read more

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=== October 7 - Cheliax ===
Cheliax flag.jpg

Infernal Cheliax remains one of the most powerful nations militarily in the Inner Sea region. Its control of the Arch of Aroden also gives it a vital role in much of the region's trade. Nevertheless, as important as the nation may be today, it pales in comparison to its former Imperial glories. Today, in the eyes of most external observers in other parts of the Inner Sea, Cheliax suffers from extreme diabolism and a tyranny which prevent it from truly achieving its full potential. Internal observers, including the new nobility of Cheliax, firmly believe that Asmodeus and Hell serve Cheliax and assist in maintaining the power necessary for Cheliax to assume its rightful role among the leading nations of the Inner Sea. read more

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October 14 - Osyluth

Bone devil sketch.jpg

Osyluths, also known as bone devils, are Hell's interrogators and torturers. Standing nine feet tall, an osyluth appears like a withered, skeletal corpse with insectile features and a long, bony tail ending in a wicked barb. It has only vestigial wings, but can fly regardless through magical levitation. Many bone devils carry fearsome weapons made of bone, not for combat but for intimidation or torture. read more

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October 21 - Gillman


The gillmen, also known as the Low Azlanti, are amphibious humanoid residents of the Inner Sea. Most of the human inhabitants of ancient Azlant died during Earthfall, either burnt to death in the infernos caused by the Starstone's impact, or drowned in the earthquakes and tidal waves that swallowed their mighty empire. A few were saved by the Azlanti's original masters, the mysterious aboleth, who took in a small number and fleshwarped them to survive in their aquatic domain far below the sea. Strangely, once this transformation was accomplished, the aboleth seemed to lose interest in the gillmen, leaving them to freely form their own society in the following millennia read more

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October 28 - Bachuan Revolution

Bachuan flag.jpg

The Bachuan Revolution laid the foundation of the Republic of Bachuan. Formerly known as Pen Wa, an outlying province of great Imperial Lung Wa, the province's greedy officials and their corrupt priestly allies struggled to control the impoverished peasant class following the empire's fall in 4606 AR. In this era of political chaos, the peasant-philosopher Grandfather Pei arose preaching the secular gospel of communism and rallied the abused and downtrodden farmers, miners, and fishermen under a new banner: a tiger (representing the peasants) chasing an imperial dragon (the aristocracy) around a sun. read more

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November 4 - Numeria

Numeria symbol.jpg

Numeria is a barren, harsh land inhabited by tribes of savage barbarians and ruled over by the Black Sovereign, a despot controlled by a manipulative group of mages who toy with forces they do not understand. Known as the Technic League, they have manipulated Numerians for so long, many who live outside of the major cities are wary and superstitious of both technology and magic. read more

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November 11 - Mushfens

Sunken Queen.jpg

The Mushfens are a vast swamp on the southern coast of Varisia, and the largest marsh in all of Avistan. Despite being located in close proximity to both the cities of Magnimar and Korvosa, the Mushfens remain a trackless wilderness filled with many unpleasant creatures. read more

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November 18 - Sandpoint

Sandpoint map.jpg

Sandpoint is known as the "Light of the Lost Coast" and is a small town in south-western Varisia under the influence of the city of Magnimar to its south. Having grown considerably in the past few years, it is now Varisia's sixth-largest settlement. Resting in a natural cove along the cliff-lined Lost Coast region, on the edge of the Varisian Gulf, Sandpoint is a medium-sized town that exemplifies the varied people of the land. read more

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November 25 - Aucturn

Aucturn symbol.svg

Aucturn, the Stranger is the enigmatic eleventh and farthest planet from Golarion's sun. It is nearly double the size of Golarion but is bathed in a poisonous, yellow-green atmosphere. It is the only world in the system not connected to other planets by a network of portals. Aucturn is rarely visible to the naked eye and astronomers have reported differing descriptions of the planet, ranging from a ringed gas giant to a dark and lifeless rock. read more

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December 2 - Pathfinder lodge

Pathfinder Society symbol.svg

Pathfinder lodges, also known as outposts, are the accommodation build by the Pathfinder Society to house its members, their research, and artifacts found during their explorations. The basic purpose of the lodge is to provide support for Pathfinder Society members: a place to sleep, a library for research, meeting rooms to converse and plan, and mechanisms to communicate with other lodges. read more

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December 9 - Black Fang

Pathfinder 12 Fares virgin.jpg

Black Fang is a black dragon who, until recently, lived with his older sister Scarhorn on a small island off Varisia's Lost Coast named the Dragon's Punchbowl. He plans to amass enough wealth and power so that he can take back the Punchbowl from his sister. He generally avoids the settlements in the area (such as Sandpoint), not wanting to goad possible dragon-hunters into attacking, although his recent familial troubles have put him a bit more on edge. read more

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December 16 - Brass golem

Final Wish cover detail.jpg

Created using a small fortune's worth of metal, brass golems are not only powerful guardians but are potent symbols of wealth. They look like towering brass statues well over twenty feet tall. The precise appearance of the golem is determined by the sculptor, but they always boast a powerful and intimidating stature. Brass golems are most often sculpted to resemble either fearsome demons or their original creators, the efreet. read more

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December 23 - Mediogalti Island

Mediogalti Island symbol.jpg

Mediogalti Island is a small nation located off the western coast of Garund, and is home to the Red Mantis Assassins. For hundreds, if not thousands of years, the islands that make up the archipelago frequently visited by pirates. They used the main island's northern lagoon as a convenient location to anchor and re-supply, and found its interior an excellent place to hide buried treasure. Control over the lagoon passed between numerous pirate captains over the years, but none established any permanent settlement there. read more

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