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Source: Blood of Fiends, pg(s). 23

Qlippoth-spawn, or riftmarked or the motherless as they are sometimes called,1 are cambions descended from qlippoth.23


Riftmarked are universally marked by hideous deformities such as writhing tentacles, oozing tumours, or pieces of carapace, or other insectile features. Individual qlippoth-spawn are regarded as hideous by their parents, and those who survive their youth know only scorn and rejection.3


Qlippoth-spawn are marked by bizarre mutations. They are known as "the motherless" since it is rare for the mother of a qlippoth-spawn to survive giving birth. Qlippoth-spawn are amongst the rarest of cambion heritages. Due to the fundamentally alien nature of qlippoth, riftmarked are normally spawned only as the result of qlippoth corruption. Most commonly, these cursed births arrive in clusters of around a half-dozen or so in the same settlement.3


Qlippoth-spawn, like their qlippoth sires, despise mortal sin. Rather than driving them to morality, this hatred of mortal sin results in them detesting all mortals. As a result, the motherless exist in a state of bitter cynicism and nihilism. To their reckoning hypocrisy and sin are so fundamental to mortal existence that all mortals deserve nothing more than extinction. Loners by nature, qlippoth-spawn see sin and treachery in everything, preferring to betray others before they are themselves betrayed. Qlippoth-spawn seem to be almost universally incapable of affection, love, or trust.3

On Golarion

Qlippoth-spawn are very rare. One of the few places where they can be found with any regularity is in the Sarkoris Scar, formerly known as the Worldwound, and the surrounding area.3

Known qlippoth-spawn

Notable riftmarked include:


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