Canals of Taldor

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The canals of Taldor are a decrepit system of man-made waterways that criss-cross the nation of Taldor. Once a boon to merchants and travelers alike, they have fallen into disuse and disrepair in the last few centuries.1


Once you move away from the coastline of the Inner Sea or its major rivers, the nation of Taldor is largely inaccessible by ship or boat. To facilitate commerce, the government built large canals (mostly wide ditches connected by occasional locks) early in its history, connecting them to the sea and its few natural waterways, giving its citizens and the merchants easy routes of travel across the empire's heartland. For thousands of years the canals were the arteries of Taldor's economy. Since the Grand Campaign, however, the canals have slowly slipped into disrepair. They have been turned into marshland, or fallen under the control of brigands. Only a few key canals are still under maintenance, near the capital city of Oppara.1


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