Temple Canyon

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Temple Canyon is a mysterious site on the southern Tandak Plains, north of the settlement of Old Sehir.1 This long, dry canyon is over 30 miles in length and at times reaches several hundred feet deep. In the earliest days of Taldor, Temple Canyon served as a burial site for the nation's emperors, aristocrats, and heroes of legend. The buried wealth of Temple Canyon was almost entirely picked clean thousands of years ago but the now empty tombs still serve as a repository of Taldor's ancient history.2

Nowadays, the tombs of Temple Canyon are picked over by looters looking to carve away some of the ancient carvings and statuary in the vague hope of selling it on to Taldor's modern nobility. Lucky finds do still occur and in 4556 AR the tomb of Princess Modavora was discovered still intact, making the survivors of the expedition fantastically wealthy. Temple Canyon is considered a sacred site by House Stavian and the rangers who patrol its length happily execute any unauthorised intruders they catch within the canyon.2