Porthmos Prison

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Porthmos Prison is located in Porthmos Prefecture in eastern Taldor, hard against the World's Edge Mountains and near the town of Sardis. Once called Edgeside Keep, it was built by Taldor as a border fort on the edge of the Whistling Plains, but was damaged in an earthquake in the 47th century AR, deemed irreparable, and abandoned. Shortly thereafter it was taken over by the Grand Duke of Porthmos Prefecture, Thestro Briarsmith who needed a place to send political prisoners.

The prison is unusual in that it is almost wholly run by the prisoners themselves. The only interaction the guards have with the inmate population is supplying food and keeping them from escaping, all done from the safety of two 60-foot tall crenelated inner and outer walls that ring the prison. The rest is left up to those incarcerated inside, who typically band together into gangs for mutual protection.1

Ancient enchantments prevent magical means of entrance and escape. Tunneling is also fraught with peril due to the local bulettes and chokers. Some smuggling does occur via the sewer system.2


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