Bafra's Face

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Bafra's Face is an ancient stone sculpture located on a stony hillside in the Verduran Province of Taldor. Its construction was ordered by Grand Prince Bafra, who ruled the empire in the late 1st millennium AR. The face was carved to depict Bafra overlooking the Tandak Plains, but as of 4717 AR it had become too heavily eroded to make out any of its details.1

As of 4717 AR the statue was the site of a spriggan-led clan attempting to raise its own stone deity in order to stave off the Universe's horrors and return to the First World.1 The clan's leader is the spriggan oracle Ifgeiher, whose plan involves transforming Bafra's Face into a stone colossus, and his followers—which gargoyles and other creatures—already worship the statue as a "rock god". A small clan of moss trolls have also occupied the site but do not participate in Ifgeiher's faith.2


Paizo published an article on Bafra's Face in Taldor, the First Empire.

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